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IPFS News Link • Voting: Vote Fraud


• by JD Heyes

A Trump-appointed federal judge this week has delivered a blow to election integrity in Arizona.

There, a group called Clean Elections USA was using cellphone cameras to monitor ballot drop boxes in order to prevent the kind of election theft that occurred there and in several other battleground states in 2020, costing Donald Trump his reelection.

But U.S. District Court Judge Michael Liburdi ordered members of the group, some of whom were armed, to stay at least 250 feet away from the ballot boxes after several voters complained about being 'intimidated.'

In addition, Liburdi barred group members from taking videos or following anyone within 75 feet of a ballot drop box, literally guaranteeing that cheating is going to occur in Arizona.

"It is paramount that we balance the rights of the defendant to engage in their constitutionally protected First Amendment activity with the interest in the plaintiffs and in voters casting a vote free of harassment and intimidation," Liburdi said.