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Handsy Uncle Joe Publicly Feels up ANOTHER Child: Anatomy of a Dementia-Riddled Predator

•, By Ben Bartee

"No serious guys until you're 30," Biden is seen telling an obviously underage girl during an October 14th campaign event in Irvine, Calif while administering a consent-free shoulder rub.

"I'll keep that in mind," she smiles feebly in return, apparently unable to muster any other response as she struggles with her visceral discomfort. She exudes the deer-in-the-headlights look, like a sheepish, mild-mannered girl getting aggressively hit on at a house party for the first time.

His daughter, Ashley Biden describes in her confirmed diary her father showering with her and attributes her mental health issues in part to those childhood memories . Biden was also the subject of credible rape allegations levied against him during the 2020 campaign.

All that to say: we know that Biden's behavior behind closed doors is likely significantly worse than his actions in public. Fondling children and women has been Biden's modus operandi for decades, possibly his entire life.