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Dear Twitterati - Leave The Road To Serfdom, Learn To Code

• by Tom Luongo

From the beginning of this saga I maintained that it didn't matter in the end if Musk prevailed or notWhat was important was his ripping the duct tape off the hairy ass of the ridiculous double standard at work.

Every stupid argument you've heard justifying Twitter's behavior was invalidated during Musk's six month quest to overpay for one of the biggest pillars of the control engine operated by the patriarchy oligarchy.

From the moment that Musk made his initial overture to his walking in and firing the leadership, this story has been equal parts hilarious and thrilling.

First, Musk makes an offer the Twitter board can't refuse without incriminating themselves, which puts to the test all the academic poison pill theories about how to defend against a hostile takeover.

As always, academic bullshit failed the real world sniff test.

You know kinda like what's in the process of happening to the ultimate academic egghead Klaus von Commie Schnitzel and his moronic Great Reset.

Second he outed every bit of Twitter's leadership and middle management as a feckless bunch of Davos trolls with layers of plausible deniability who never thought they would ever get caught. And then Pieter Zatko entered the conversation, blowing up the idea that Twitter's censorship was just rogue purple hairs revealing brown shirts underneath their playful exterior.

But that doesn't cover the half of it. The reality is that it wasn't some evil mandated corporate conspiracy, but rather a poorly-built internal architecture which was purposefully allowed to remain broken for plausible deniability purposes.