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Joe Biden's COVID Dictatorship Will Never End

•, by Jim Bovard

That proclamation was tricky to reconcile with President Biden's announcement last month on 60 Minutes: "The pandemic is over."  Apparently, that was malarkey—perhaps part of the Democratic messaging for the midterm congressional elections.

Americans have officially been living under a state of COVID emergency since President Trump issued the first declaration in early 2020. The latest extension of came via a bureaucratic form letter posted online: "As a result of the continued consequences of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, on this date and after consultation with public health officials as necessary, I, Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Health and Human Services… do hereby renew" the emergency for another 90 days.

By this standard, as long as there are any "continuing consequences" from the pandemic, Biden can perpetuate the emergency that gives him vast additional powers. Administration officials warn that COVID cases could increase in the coming months. Plus, another asteroid might pass within 100 million miles of earth, so better safe than sorry.

Biden's emergency perpetuation seeks to provide a legal whitewash for his $500+ billion student loan bailout charade. Biden justified the bailout by citing the HEROES Act of 2003—a law passed to assist soldiers and their family members during the Global War on Terror. Law professor Jonathan Turley wrote, "Biden had promised to wipe out tuition debt in the [2020] campaign and simply hijacked the Act for that unintended purpose." Biden previously admitted that the law would not justify blanket forgiveness of college loans but he and his advisors decided to force Americans to pay any price for Democratic votes in the midterm elections. The administration provided no evidence that the beneficiaries (who earn up to $250,000) have suffered any financial harm from the pandemic. College graduates are doing much better financially than other Americans who will get stuck with the bill for their schooling. Lawsuits are challenging Biden's debt cancellation and the Supreme Court might nullify Biden's decree.