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It's Beginning: Arizona Ballot Stuffer Caught Covering Up License Plate

•, By Anthony TBD

Melody Jennings took to Truth Social and posted a picture of a car with its license plate covered up.

The picture of the mysterious car with its license plate covered up was located outside of a ballot box in Phoenix, Arizona.

Take a look at the car in question:

After Jennings posted the picture of the alleged ballot stuffer, it garnered thousands of likes and even caught President Trump's attention.

The 45th president even ReTruthed the post of the car with its license plate blacked out.

Jennings is the founder of Clean Elections USA, an organization that aims to keep an eye on election drop-off boxes.

According to the Clean Elections USA site, their goal is to "legally deter people from committing voter fraud. The only way we can do this is to monitor those drop box locations with a team of volunteers. We are looking for true Patriots to take a stand and watch the drop boxes. We want to gather video (and live witness evidence) of any ballot tampering that takes place in real-time."

It's great to see patriots like Melody being the solution to the ongoing election fraud that is running rampant all across the US.