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Breaking Down The Cause And Effect Spiral Of America's Slippery Slope Tumble...

•, By Alan Barton

Cause and Effect. The big topic for high school and college essays it seems, and the base structure for many news commentaries whether implied casual relationships or direct it matters not; they are always interesting to consider. Basically noting a relationship between actions or events where it appears that one or more are the result of the other or others. Easy to do, and often mistakenly so. False cause and effect claims are also known as fallacy or as the phrasing goes "Correlation does not equal Causation". That phrase shows how simple it all seems and is true enough but also how wrong such linkages can be. But what of those that seem to be accurate and yet absolute proof is not obvious, but where the correlations are so tenuous and the causation may be hidden, but where further study brings them into focus regardless?

Let me explain using one example to start with; the Bush war in Iraq was caused by the 9-11 attack and the Patriot Act was the result of that attack. That act was 342 pages long and was passed 45 days after the September 11 2001 attack on the twin towers. As it was mostly a remodel, a series of changes to previous laws along with some new and terrifying additions, it should be obvious to most people that it was not written in haste after the fact of the false flag demolition of those towers. I believe the Bush War should more accurately be named the World Banks Income Enhancement war that also, coincidently, showcased what the US military could do to wayward nations that did not accept our government and directions outlined for their nations. In other words, what we will do to you if you do not play ball with our over-lording of your nations doings. But that is not the direction I wish to take; but rather, the connection of the Patriot act and its relationship to the Twin Towers demolition.