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With America Transformed Into A Land Of Lifeless Zombies And Biden And His Leftist Mob...

•, By John Scotto

Moral relativism is the idea that there are no absolute rules to determine whether something is right or wrong. Many "progressives" have become adept in using this moral relativism ideology to reshape American society. This type of view of the world has provided many people with the ultimate cop-out. Choosing a life of existence, rather than truly living has become commonplace. Living requires some moral fiber and the ability to genuinely care. Taking the time to defend your principles every now and then. Today, most Americans choose to refrain from becoming engaged. A vast majority of US citizens just prefer not to "make waves." The modern day marxist liberals have made it clear, if a conservative dare give his or her opinion about anything which is contrary to the radical leftist viewpoint, it will not be tolerated. 

For the most part we now exist within a country like a bunch of lifeless zombies, many of us are afraid to talk about what is really on our minds. Most people have come to accept the narrative that pretty much anything goes in 2022 America. A free society is reflected by the morals and character of each individual citizen. Many Americans are forgetting what courage and honor are all about. There are a growing number of people today who refuse to defend their opinions. Too many US citizens are now sitting idly by as the left transforms the USA into a Banana Republic. 

A silent majority of people are choosing not to speak out. Most of the working class US citizens refuse to give their opinion about anything, for fear of being ostracized. Most human beings today prefer to remain in a constant state of passivity and avoidance. The vast majority of conservatives now remain silent as Joe Biden and his leftist mob take a "sledgehammer" to our US Constitution and nation.