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Why Have a Constitution If You Just Ignore It?

• By Frank Miele

In the first, I chided President Biden for his sworn intent to pass a law that would "codify Roe v. Wade into law," namely to pass a federal law that offers protection for abortion nationwide.

In the second, I lambasted Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina for proposing a bill that would ban abortion after 15 weeks gestation, the point when unborn children are believed to be able to feel pain. So that raises the obvious question: Why have a Constitution if you are just going to ignore it?

Democrat Biden and Republican Graham together offer a bipartisan illustration of why our country is dangerously off track. With the implicit permission of the Supreme Court, our elected officials have not just bounced up against the guardrails enshrined in the Constitution, they have flattened them and are driving the republic off a cliff.

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