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Blake Masters' Libertarian Opponent Exclusively Funded By Dems


With his comments, Victor, 53, earned the party considerable scorn and ridicule. More on that later.

On another note, at least 95% of the candidate's campaign donations are sourced from Democrat PACs and individual donors, the remaining 5% from an individual donor whose identity I was unable to verify (so likely 100% is Dem-funded). Nearly all donors reside outside the state of Arizona.

The PACs backing Victor include 'Stop the Republicans', 'Defend the Vote', 'Save Democracy in America', and the 'Defeat Republicans PAC'. While it's not too hard to guess their motivations, another Victor donor, 314 Action Fund, lists the AZ Democrat candidate at the top of their 'Featured Candidates' page.

Roughly half of Victor's non-PAC donations originate from the Conway family, donating through various family members to circumvent the Federal Election Commission's max donation laws, which limit individual donations to $2,900 per election. The Conway family contributed nearly $50,000 to Victor's campaign. Ronald Conway, the head of the family, is considered one of Silicon Valley's original 'super angels' with early investments in Airbnb, Facebook, and Google. His donation history includes $2.5 million to Ashton Kutcher's "Stand with Ukraine" GoFundMe, over $200k in support of San Francisco Mayor London Breed, and $25,000 to the "Protect & Defend Trans Youth Fund".

Less significant nominally but just as peculiar to be among the donor list is Andrew Marks, son of Oaktree Capital founder Howard Marks. The Marks heir also appears to have donated $20,000 to the controversial Lincoln Project in 2020 (although the link for the donation tracking site Open Secrets is now broken).