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Biden's Fearmongers About a Russian Nuclear Threat That No One Has Made

•, Moon of Alabama

Kaitlan Collins @kaitlancollins – 0:35 UTC · Oct 7, 2022Wow. Biden at a Dem fundraiser tonight: "We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban missile crisis." He says Putin is "not joking when he talks about potential use of tactical," nuclear or biological weapons because his military is underperforming.

Biden continued with the blunt warnings: "I don't think there's any such thing as the ability to easily (use) a tactical nuclear weapon and not end up with Armageddon." (These ???? quotes from pooler @tparti)

Biden going MUCH further than his officials have, from the National Security Council to the Pentagon. They have said they take Russia's threats seriously, but haven't seen any changes in its nuclear posture. Biden invokes Armageddon and says Putin should be taken seriously.

A copy of the pool report can be seen here. It quotes Biden as saying: "[Putin] is not joking when he talks about potential use of tactical nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons because his military is you might say is significantly underperforming."

Fact is that Putin has not talked about the "potential use of tactical nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons." Not. At. All.

On September 21 Putin announced a partial mobilization of reservists. In his TV speech he mentioned nuclear weapons only with regards to  'Western' threats of using them:

They have even resorted to the nuclear blackmail. I am referring not only to the Western-encouraged shelling of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, which poses a threat of a nuclear disaster, but also to the statements made by some high-ranking representatives of the leading NATO countries on the possibility and admissibility of using weapons of mass destruction – nuclear weapons – against Russia.I would like to remind those who make such statements regarding Russia that our country has different types of weapons as well, and some of them are more modern than the weapons NATO countries have. In the event of a threat to the territorial integrity of our country and to defend Russia and our people, we will certainly make use of all weapon systems available to us. This is not a bluff.