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Why Does the Kremlin Encourage Ukrainian Terrorist Acts Against Russia?

• https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

Does the Kremlin think the West cares?

How could the West possibly care about Kiev's terrorism when the West itself engages in terrorist acts, such as blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines?

Would Ukraine have tried to destroy the Crimea Bridge if they thought there would be any retaliation from Russia against, for example, the infrastructure and communications of Kiev and Lviv?

The Kremlin has made it clear that it accepts provocations and does not retaliate. As terrorism is costless to Ukraine and the West, Russia can expect more terrorism. The Kremlin's practice of always turning the other cheek is going to result in Armageddon.

The Kremlin is making a disastrous mistake. It is convincing the world that it is very good at complaining and very poor at fighting.