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New satellite images show Russia's Poseidon nuke-carrying 600ft submarine Belgorod -


Satellite images show Russia's nuclear submarine has left its White Sea base

The nearly 600ft Belgorod was spotted in the Barents Sea on Sept. 22 and 27 

The sub features the Poseidon nuke which can trigger a 1,600ft nuclear tsunami 

Putin has threatened the West with nuclear weapons over the war in Ukraine 

New satellite images show Russia's huge nuclear submarine, allegedly carrying 'apocalypse' and 'doomsday' weapons, lurking around the Barents Sea as fears grow that Vladimir Putin is planning to carry out a nuclear test.

The nearly 600ft Belgorod submarine has disappeared from its home base in the Arctic Circle and may be on its way to the Kara Sea to test the Poseidon nuke, a NATO warning note leaked over the weekend has suggested.

Satellite images publihsed by Naval News show the submarine is currently operating on the surface in the Arctic.