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Putin: New World Order Worships Satan

• By Jonas E. Alexis

Putin has just reiterated his prevailing claim that the New World Order is Satanism: "Such a total denial of a human being, a rejection of faith and traditional values, suppression of freedom begins to look like a perverted religion, outright Satanism."

During the Cold War, it was meticulously and rightly argued by scholars of various stripes that the Soviet Union created what was known as "godless communists."[1] These "godless communists" built their ideology on Marxism/Leninism, an essentially diabolical system that sought to eradicate religion during that era.[2]

These "godless communists" failed miserably largely because you cannot fight Logos and win. Moreover, the fact that Russia has thrived over the years is a clear indication that Alexander Solzhenitsyn was right all along. Back in 2013, Vladimir Putin changed the political calculus by saying that much of the West was committing political suicide. How?

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