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Ex-MSNBC host Keith Olbermann claims he used to date Kyrsten Sinema...


Former liberal MSNBC host and sportscaster Keith Olbermann revealed on Monday that he'd dated Democratic Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema over a decade ago.

Olbermann, who currently hosts a podcast, didn't spare his disappointment with the moderate senator, claiming that she previously was even more liberal than him. 

The ex-SportsCenter and Countdown anchor was reacting to Sinema's speech in Kentucky where she was lauded Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, where she revealed her support for restoring the 60-vote threshold for all nominations and judicial nominees.

Olbermann wrote: 'When we dated, in 2010 to 11, Kyrsten was a legit progressive, far to my left. Now she has embraced the Political Industry where there is only process, not police, and never people.'

He then derisively suggested that Sinema replace Chuck Todd - another frequent target of the former MLB on Fox host's ire - as host of Meet the Press. 

Seeing the response and uproar to the revelation that he dated the senator, he promised in a later tweet to 'answer' people's questions in his podcast, also called Countdown, in Tuesday's show. 

Sinema - who in 2000 worked on Green Party candidate Ralph Nader's presidential campaign, was a fervent protester against the Iraq War and a critic of capitalism long before she was elected to the Senate - has yet to comment on the claims.