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Criticizing the British Monarchy Now a Criminal Offense

•, Kurt Nimmo

It should probably not be a surprise average Britons protesting against the expensive relic known as the Crown were arrested during the ostentatious funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth II.

The arrests, serious violations of the natural right to peaceful protest, are to be expected from a state that has upheld a corrupt, inbred, and brutal monarchy for centuries. Naturally, the arrests for nonviolent protest, at least here in the "West," were lightly reported.

Apparently more newsworthy, a "man was arrested in Hong Kong on suspicion of sedition after playing the harmonica at a vigil for Queen Elizabeth II, under a colonial-era law that once outlawed insulting the Queen—and has now been revived by authorities amid an ongoing crackdown," according to the corporate propaganda media, in this instance CNN. The man tooted "Glory to Hong Kong," a protest song created during antigovernment protests in 2019.

Welcome to the 15th century! Is it possible this criminal will be hanged, drawn, and quartered (also emasculated, disemboweled, and beheaded), the offender's parts displayed on the London Bridge for all the commoners to see, so they dare not complain about inflation, recession, poverty, and the prospect of freezing this winter.

Hong Kong island became a British "dependent territory… into perpetuity" after it was invaded in 1841 when the locals tried to put an end to the British "opium trade," a deadly drug dealing operation established by the British East India Company,  a monopoly held in place by "royal charter." In the early 19th century, America also began selling opium in China.