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With Globalist Politicians Here In The US Violating Their Constitutional Oath To Defend...

•, By Justin O. Smith

The dynamics behind what makes America the nation She has been for over two centuries have all but been destroyed in the Democratic Party Communists' fervor to destroy America's sovereignty and our cultural differences between new legal immigrants and the five million plus illegal aliens who have arrived since Chancellor Joe Biden stole the White House in 2020. They have violated their Constitutional oath to defend and protect our sovereign borders as prescribed by law, acting with purpose and by design and intent to pursue an Open Border policy that cares only that the new illegal alien invaders hold similar ideas to their own anti-Americanism and will fill the ranks of the Democratic Party with new, good little amerikkan commies. 

Once upon a time our leaders did their utmost best to ensure that all newcomers, immigrants and refugees alike, were, at the very least, people who loved America's virtues and values and all associated with traditional America. For a much of our history, we screened out people who held radical political views that were antithetical to those tenets of our Founding that best supported freedom and individual liberty for all, but it was a caution that was cast by the wayside, as the Marxist "progressive" movement took hold in America after the turn of the 20th century, infiltrating every walk of society, especially after the communist inspired organization of the American Civil Liberties Union was created, Ellis Island was shuttered and the Immigration Act of 1965 passed. 

It's been downhill from 1965 on to the present. Rather than look to the world's best and brightest to fill the nation's need for workers and fresh blood, so to speak — semi-skilled and skilled workers or actual professionals — more often than not, our immigration policy took a turn towards allowing the most impoverished people of the world, criminal elements and all their baggage, the worst of the worse, to simply waltz right on in with nary an iota of scrutiny, because the Democratic Party Communists, such as Teddy Kennedy, successfully argued that this is what America simply must do and that America is for the whole world; now cue Ol' Commie Pete Seeger's 'This Land Is Your Land' and imagine millions of poor Haitians, Central Americans, Africans, Muslims, Chinese running through the swinging doors at the border to the tune, like an invading force's marching tune.