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The Truth Of Why Those Trying To 'Replace And Destroy' Americans Are Having...

•, By Susan Duclos

I read a SQ note over at Steve Quayle's website attached to an article about how "Over 2 million illegals crossed US-Mexico border already this year, an all-time high." The SQ note said: "ALL BY DESIGN TO REPLACE AND DESTROY WHATS LEFT OF THE USA CITIZENRY-A SPECIFIC CURSE AS OUTLINED IN DEUTERONOMY ON GOD REJECTING NATIONS!"

Readers can learn more about Deuteronomy at this link, but I would like to address Steve's spot on analysis of how the Biden regime, and Democrat politicians are actively trying to "replace and destroy" what is left of the U.S. Citizenry.

Ronald Reagan said that "a nation without borders is not a nation," and he was also correct, yet year after year (except for during the Trump presidency), the MSM has downplayed the border crisis, as well as the existential threat that Democrat policies of open borders, is to our very nation.

The dangerous and deadly drugs pouring through the border aside, as well as the fact that the majority of those simply being released into America are military-aged men, which highlights terrorist potential activity, we have been witnessing the deliberate destruction of America and American sovereignty.  

When I say "we" have been witnessing it, I do not mean all Americans, because those that focus on the national media, may be aware of the fact that there is "some" illegal immigration, but the severity and dangers to America itself and the citizens of this nation, has been largely hidden from most U.S. citizens.