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Military Self-Delusion on the Constitution

• Jacob Hornberger - FFF

The letter stated, among other things: "Military officers swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution, not an oath of fealty to an individual or to an office."

That's just pure nonsense and self-delusion. Oh, sure, technically it's true that military officers swear such an oath, but they don't follow it. Instead, they faithfully and blindly follow the orders of the president, which means, as a practical matter, that their oath is one of fealty to the president, not to the Constitution.

Let's look as some examples:

1. The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Everyone acknowledges that the Constitution requires a congressional declaration of war before the president can wage war through his military forces. Everyone also knows that Congress never declared war on either Afghanistan or Iraq.

That means that when President Bush ordered the invasions of both countries, every single military officer, from general on down, should have said to him, "We have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution. The Constitution requires a congressional declaration of war. You don't have that. We cannot and will not obey your order to invade either country."

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