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Over The Past Week We Have Gotten Several Steps Closer To A Nuclear War With Russia

•, by Michael

The Russians and the western powers are both absolutely determined to win in Ukraine, and so now we are witnessing a very dangerous game of "chicken" that could ultimately lead to nuclear conflict.  Western leaders seem quite sure that the Russians are bluffing and that there is no possibility that they would actually use nukes if backed into a corner.  Meanwhile, Russian leaders seem to believe that there is a limit as to how far NATO powers will go to support Ukraine.  But what if both sides are wrong?

A series of miscalculations led up to this war, and another miscalculation scuttled a peace agreement that the Russians were ready to agree to back in April…

Most Americans are unaware how close Russia and Ukraine came to ending the current war in April.

Last March 27, Ukraine president Zelensky told his people "Our goal is obvious – peace and the restoration of normal life in our native state as soon as possible."

He was hinting at what went unsaid: Ukraine and Russia, brokered by NATO member Turkey, reached a tentative fifteen-point peace plan to end the month old war.