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Simone Gold, Fighter for Medical Freedom

•, by adam dick

Simone Gold is a fighter for medical freedom. Many Americans first learned of her when in July of 2020 Gold, who founded America's Frontline Doctors, spoke along with other doctors at a Washington, DC press conference. The doctors challenged the coronavirus party line that had been pushed relentlessly in America over the preceding few months. That press conference, at which Gold spoke first among the doctors and served as the master of ceremonies, was a refreshing breakthrough of the voice of dissident doctors challenging the coronavirus crackdown and the accompanying propaganda campaign.

Gold and her organization continued fighting for medical freedom and against extreme coronavirus crackdown measures since. Among other things, America's Frontline Doctors came out in opposition early on to the heavily pushed by politicians and media insistence that the experimental coronavirus "vaccine" shots were safe and effective and something everyone should take. The organization also helped people obtain early treatment for coronavirus so they could avoid serious sickness. Meanwhile, the coronavirus scare propagandists said there was nothing to do but wait until sickness becomes so bad that hospital admission is required.

On Friday, Gold was released from prison. Her crime? None. It was just a misdemeanor for, as reported in the Washington Times, "entering and remaining in a restricted building." Yet, the building was the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, so the full force of the US government was employed to cause the great harm to Gold and many other people who walked into that building and did nothing destructive.

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