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Many Americans See Ukraine War At A Stalemate

• by Tyler Durden

The latter launched its offensive on February 24 after months of amassing troops at the Ukrainian border, attacking the former on several fronts from the North, East and Southeast.

While it looked like Russia would emerge as a winner in the conflict initially, Ukraine managed to defend several strategic locations.

As Statista's Florian Zandt shows in the chart below, based on monthly polls by YouGov and The Economist, Americans even thought Ukraine had better chances to win the war than Russia in April and May.

In both months, one quarter of polled U.S. adults thought Ukraine could be victorious against 19 and 18 percent, respectively, believing that Russia would be the victor. This can be attributed to Russia pulling back from Kyiv oblast after failing to occupy the Ukrainian capital and Ukraine gaining ground in the embattled Eastern regions.

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