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While The Globalists Push For More Illegal Wars, 475 Million+ Guns In The Hands...

•, By Stefan Stanford

All the way back in 2015, the websites 'Washington's Blog' and 'Global Research' published an alarming story that really summed things up in a huge way for America, reporting that in our nation's history, America had been at war for a stunning 90%+ of our existence. 

Warning within that story back then that since the US was founded in 1776, she has been at war during 214 out of her 235 calendar years of existence, in other words, there were only 21 calendar years in which the U.S. did not wage any wars, that story put that all into perspective in this manner.:

- Pick any year since 1776 and there is about a 91% chance that America was involved in some war during that calendar year. 

- No U.S. president truly qualifies as a peacetime president. Instead, all U.S. presidents can technically be considered "war presidents." 

- The U.S. has never gone a decade without war. 

- The only time the U.S. went five years without war (1935-40) was during the isolationist period of the Great Depression.  

And while President Trump had brought a surprising but brief era of peace to the world, with Joe Biden and the warmongering Democrats in the White House, the world war front appears to be heating up to a potential fever pitch, with Russia's former president Dmitry Medvedev warning just this past weekend that Joe Biden and the West trying to break up Russia is nothing less than a 'chess game with death' ending in 'doomsday for mankind'