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Three Virtual Power Plant Day in 15 Days

•, by Brian Wang

This is the second day in a row with a VPP and the third since the first 15 days ago. Tesla set up the software to allow people with stationary storage power walls and solar power to get paid $2 per kilowatt hour from the utility. The utility in my case is Pacific Gas and Electric. If there were three events every 15 days for 365 days then there would be 61 events in a year. There will likely be more events in the summer with extreme heat and less frequent events in the winter. Each event is causing PGE to pay each one of nearly 3000 participants about $50-70 each. If there are 40 events in a year, then people in the program will make about $2000-3000. The VPP payments will almost be as much as savings on the electric bill. Electric bill savings are about $3000-4000 per year.

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