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COVID FALLOUT: Mass decline in dentist visits causing uptick in oral decay issues...

•, by: S.D. Wells

During and after the pandemic, people have become paranoid about going to hospitals, doctors and dentist offices, and righteously so. Many of those settings spread disease, risk injury and recommend "treatments" that put patients in harm's way, and most still require masks, vaccines or other 'safety' precautions to enter. Conventional (non-holistic) dentists are known to use mercury fillings, lots of x-rays that can cause brain tumors, and the germ-laden waiting rooms are like petri dishes for spreading Fauci Flu. So, millions of Americans have been avoiding the dentist (and doctors in general) unless it is an emergency, and this means regular cleanings and preventative care has gone out the window.

Anyone avoiding the dentist for extended periods of time should be practicing techniques and strategies at home that maintain healthy teeth and gums

It's unreal how many people either do not use dental floss regularly or even at all. A tooth brush has no way of getting in between teeth, and food definitely gets stuck there, including sugar, that rots over time (turns into plaque) and causes major issues. Over time, this can lead to recessed gums, cavities, infected roots, tooth decay and gum disease. Regular flossing is vital and helps prevent these problems from developing.

It's important to learn how to floss properly, and teach children and teens who will avoid it if not trained and encouraged to do so. This regular flossing prevents plaque build up, especially for people who are avoiding regular dental cleanings.