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Recognizing And Confronting Evil When It's Being Disguised...

•, By D Parker

Anti-liberty leftists are lying to fool people into taking something they would reject if they knew its true nature. 

No one outside the ruling class would want any part of the left's socialist national agenda, so they must lie to have any success. 

As an engineer, you work to analyze any given situation, applying the basic laws applicable to most phenomena to figure things out. We can apply the same premise to the power interactions of human beings to apply the basic ideological definitions of governmental control to explain the political spectrum. 

However, for some reason, some always work to mystify and muck up the political spectrum issue. They constantly exploit language to hide factual reality. Why would they do this? Do they gain some advantage over society by muddying the waters? 

A search on this will turn up two kinds of results. One will have arrangements of the political ideologies from left to right based on the logical metric of governmental control. A second type will have somewhat interesting results, with things arranged somewhat randomly for a reason. 

An article here on this subject stated this quite succinctly: "All forms of government exist along a single continuum and can be defined either by state power or individual liberty." 

It also logically follows that this metric would range from a maximum to a minimum on each end of the scale — with the maximum defined by the ideology of totalitarianism at one end and the ideology of anarchism at the other.