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Armed IRS Agents Simulate Assault on Suburban Home. Leaked Video Claims to be IRS Training.

• Officer Tatum and Valiant News

The new agents are trained in firearms and other traditional law enforcement tactics — are suburban Americans the target? Over 70% of IRS audits are on people who earn under $200,000.
Former police officer Brandon Tatum reviewed a video that claims to show new IRS employees training to use firearms; he criticized the purported new trainees' low-level skills. Officer Tatum said that the new agents are training to come and take your money, not money from billionaires because the new agents did not encounter security guards who protect billionaires; instead, trainees were pointing guns at individuals. Tatum gives away the game at the end of the video and says that the IRS will continue to grow the number of armed agents; the goal of the 'Defund the Police' movement was not to get rid of police, but to federalize police through agencies like the IRS to overtake local policing. He says this is the beginning of a federalized police state.