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Gas Only Costs Twice as Much Now . . . For Now

•, By eric

The Biden Thing hopes you will be – in the manner of being grateful to the mobster who only breaks one leg rather than both.

For the time being. 

That latter being important to bear in mind as we bear down on the midterms.  

There are two reasons why the price of gas (and diesel) have temporarily stabilized at roughly twice what they cost two years ago, prior to the Biden Thing Tele-Prompter'ing itself into the White House.

The first is obviously – and superficially – short-term political necessity. Americans are disunited as never before but almost all of them agree that the recent near-tripling of the cost of fuel has not been good, for it affects them directly and obviously. Unlike, say, feigning worry about the "climate crisis." Indulging in virtue signaling to indicate "concern" about the latter doesn't cost anything – at least, not directly and obviously. One can smugly favor the Green New Deal as an abstract political position but when it costs $80 to fill up your vehicle that used to cost $40 it concentrates the mind wonderfully.