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How a DIY Prepping Kit Can Help You Respond to Emergencies Faster

• Organic Prepper - Daisy Luther

A common discussion around prepper tables is how and where to store all of your stuff. One method I like to use is making prepping kits that are geared to respond to certain types of emergencies or situations.

The best example of a prepping kit that almost every prepper has is a bug-out bag. Our bags are geared toward providing us with what we need to survive for 24-72 hours away from our homes. In them, we keep food, water and filtration devices, lighting, navigation tools, emergency shelter supplies, and first aid gear. Because this is a standalone, contained set of gear organized for a specific purpose, we pare out the things that aren't necessary for that type of emergency survival.

But you can easily expand the kit philosophy far beyond the bug-out bag. Not only do prepping kits help you to respond quickly, they also help you plug any holes you might have for a particular type of event. You can quickly find the things you need in one place, instead of searching around in the dark with a flashlight clenched between your teeth.

Here are just a few examples of the prepping kits you can create. Use this as inspiration to make kits that are most likely to be needed in your setting, for your family

Power Outage Kit

I keep a power outage kit in my hall closet, where it's easy to find even on the darkest night. The kit is kept in a Rubbermaid container with a lid. In it, I keep the following:




Tealight candles


Small indoor-safe emergency stove (this one folds flat)

Fuel canister for the stove

I keep extra fuel canisters and candles elsewhere, but I always have the basics together so I can function. Plugged in to keep it charged, I keep my small solar generator in a closet that has a plug, with the accessory package and the folding solar panels on top of it and behind it respectively.  The goal is to keep all of your related things together so you have all the bits and pieces you need to handle things quickly and efficiently.

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