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Americans boiling in 'age of rage,' death of top citizen 'pre-written'

•, By Bob Unruh

America is in the "age of rage" because of several recent Supreme Court decisions that, citing the Constitution, have decided disputes in favor of the conservative ideology, according to constitutional expert and George Washington Law School professor Jonathan Turley.

And it's producing some dangerous rhetoric.

Turley explains in an online column that the "age of rage" has resulted in a startling rise in threats to Supreme Court justices.

Many commenters were "muted" when suspect Nicholas John Roske was arrested and accused of trying to murder Justice Brett Kavanaugh, he pointed out.

"One group went ahead with a campaign to offer a bounty for any information of a conservative justice's location in public – with an added payment if there is time for a mob to find them at the location," he said.

Yet, he explained, Vox writer Ian Millhiser went ahead and prepared and publicized a "prewritten obituary" for Justice Samuel Alito, a key vote on multiple issues for conservatives, and "there seemed no concern" how it "might fuel the fatal obsession of someone like Roske in our society."

Millhiser later deleted his social media promotion of "prewritten" obituary, in which he charged, "Justice Samuel Alito, who died on XXXX, was not devoid of any positive traits. He was a skilled attorney and a highly effective advocate for conservative causes…Had he spent his career as a litigator, he would almost certainly be remembered as one of the Republican Party's leading Supreme Court practitioners…The problem is that Justice Alito was, indeed, one of the Republican Party's leading Supreme Court advocates — but he embraced this role while he was a sitting justice."