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The "Gun Problem"

• Eric Peters Autos

The federal government stands poised to criminalize the possession of things rather than actions, which is the type of "action" that government specializes in. It is also arguably why there is what government styles a "gun problem" – though it isn't much of one at all, just as the "pandemic" wasn't, either.

Except insofar as government's deliberate exaggeration of the supposed problem.

With regard to "guns," the "problem" is almost entirely due to the actions of a relative handful of people out of some 330 million innocent people. Most of the problematic people are denizens of cities where crime isn't merely a problem but an institution and a way of life, as in the case of Chicago and Baltimore, to cite two specific examples. If you were to excise the "gun violence" that occurs in such places from the aggregate, there would be almost no "gun violence" in this country. Very much of an intellectually honest piece with the fact that, outside of nursing homes and already-sick beds, there was very little unnatural death resulting from the "virus."

Some hysterics – just the right word, because that's precisely what we're talking about – will insist (hysterically) that no deaths – no possibility of deaths –  whether from sickness or the actions of sick people, can be tolerated and any and all measures to prevent them are justified.

This transcends mere hysteria, of course. It crosses the line into insanity – which can be defined as the intolerance of anything less than perfection at whatever the cost to the good. As in the good of hundreds of millions of people who aren't the problem nor the cause of any.

There will always be "viruses" – sickness – and some will die.

Eventually, inevitably, we will all die. To obsess about death rather than live life is to embrace living death. If a given person wishes to do so, then that is his (sick, sad) choice as it is his life. But it is sicker to insist that others must embrace their living death. Just as it is sick to insist that because some people are a problem everyone else must be presumed one and punished as if they are one – irrespective of their actions.

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