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Selco: You Know the SHTF Has Started When People Begin To Lose Their Guns

• by Selco

People always want to know how they can tell when the SHTF is coming. When people lose their guns, that's a good sign it is on its way. The SHTF you get is not always the one you expect. A lot of SHTFs that aren't natural disasters have something in common. It is a way you can tell that things are getting worse.

The SHTF everyone expects

We are conditioned to think that an SHTF event is going to be something flashy and surprising, in a way that it is going to be a moment in time when you can recall the day and the hour.  People think that it will make a strict and sharp cornerstone between normal everyday life, and SHTF time.

Most believe that all of us will be sure and will know that SHTF has started and that we have to go into SHTF mode or survival mode. Most expect it to be like it was for me when things became chaotic. (If you want to learn what those days were really like, click here.)

It might happen like that with some catastrophic event like EMP, a terrorist attack or whatever.

So let's say the event goes like this timeline:

Day 1: EMP happens

Day 3: You realize that the system simply does not have enough power to hold society together. There's riots, looting, absence of law and order…

Day 7: Everyone realizes it is full-out SHTF time, and it is gonna last for a long time…