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Ways to Improvise and Maximize

•, By The Sharp Edge

Here are some great tips to improvise and maximize your resources.

You and your time are your most valuable resources.  Treat them as such.  To optimize your time and your potential, cut out wasted time spent on watching TV or scrolling through social media.  Instead, reallocate that time towards learning new useful skills or creating new sources of supplemental income.  Cut out wasteful spending on cable TV, eating out, or shopping and use those savings to invest in your most valuable resource – YOU – by honing new skills such as hunting, fishing, or gardening.  Additionally, you could invest the savings into creating a new supplemental income source such as independent contracting.

Why buy the same vegetables at the store each week when you can regrow them?  There are several store bought vegetables and herbs that may be regrown including potatoesgreen onionsyellow onionsromaine lettuce, ginger, garlic, carrots, leaks and celery.  There are a multitude of tutorials for regrowing these store bought vegetables in your home garden. 

Optimize your outdoor space by replacing decorative plants and grass with edible or medicinal plants that are useful.  In order to maximize your garden produce for year-round consumption, consider freeze dryingdehydrating or jarring your food supply. 

Save your food scraps because they can be useful.  For example, the water you use to make rice can be repurposed to make a liquid fertilizer for your plants.  Also, try using your potato peels to make a liquid fertilizer.  Instead of throwing out your vegetable scraps, consider making a vegetable broth for another dish.  Vegetable scraps can also be used for trench composting to help your garden grow.  When cooking meat, save the drippings. You can use the drippings to make fat and bullion for more cooking. 

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