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Election Heroes Are Stopping Fraudulent Voting – The Postal Service Was In On It

•, by Jay Valentine

Actually, nobody shows up. Nor does anyone return an absentee ballot.

That magic comes from a wonderful customer service innovation, the Phantom Voter Concierge, who casts the non-committed voters' votes for them.

Let's go there.

Voter rolls are crammed with millions of voters who seldom, occasionally, or never vote.

Democrat-leaning organizations run voter registration drives in edge communities, collecting identities they expect will never vote.

You remember ACORN registering drug addicts on city streets?  You might have said, "Why, they will never vote!"

They aren't expected to vote.  They are simply voter identity placeholders later used by vote-harvesters.

State-funded groups like ERIC are paid by a dozen state governments, some with clueless Republican governors, to make sure almost nobody is ever taken off voter rolls.  ERIC provides institutional cover to this national phantom voter scam.

During early voting, our vote-harvester pals track those who never voted or have not voted yet and vote for them.