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Watch: Dems Openly Admit Gun Control Bill Will Confiscate Firearms In "Common Use"

•, by Tyler Durden

When questioned by GOP North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop if Democrats dispute that the "Assault Weapons Ban of 2021," proposes to ban guns currently in "common use" nation-wide, Nadler, chairman of the committee, replied "That's the point of the bill."

"So, to clarify, Mr. Chairman, you're saying it is the point of the bill to ban weapons that are in common use in the United States today," Bishop again asked.

"Yes," Nadler responded, adding "The problem is that they're in common use."

Bishop went on to tell the Democrats that "What you suggest that this order can possibly comply with what the Supreme Court has held (as regards the Second Amendment) in now three separate cases is absolutely absurd."

Bishop also declared that "the Democrats of the 1960s are the Democrats of the 2020s."

The legislation, H.R. 1808, would ban "semi-automatic assault weapons" that contain a magazine, a pistol or forward grip and a "folding, telescoping, or detachable stock," as well as weapons that can fire more than 10 rounds or contain a threaded barrel or second pistol grip.


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