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New Research: "Technological advancements" Make It Easier to Salvage and Reuse Materials..

•, By B.N. Frank

A growing number of Americans are trying to keep solar farms from being built in their communities for numerous reasons (see 123).  In regard to solar panels in general, there have been many complaints made about them including that they are they are not eco-friendly or cost effective and they create and emit harmful electromagnetic radiation.  Tesla solar panels have also been catching fire (see 123).  High costs associated with California's solar mandates has made solar less popular there too.  Fortunately, some progress has been made to reduce the amount of toxic solar panel waste being dumped in landfills.

From The Verge:

Dead solar panels are about to become a lot more valuable

The solar industry needs all the materials it can get

By Justine Calma@justcalma

In the coming years, recyclers will hopefully be able to mine billions of dollars worth of materials from discarded solar panels, according to a new analysis published this week. That should ease bottlenecks in the supply chain for solar panels while also making the panels themselves more sustainable.

Right now, most dead solar panels in the US just get shredded or chucked into a landfill. The economics just don't shake out in recycling's favor. The value you can squeeze out of a salvaged panel hasn't been enough to make up for the cost of transporting and recycling it. That's on track to change, according to the recent analysis by research firm Rystad Energy.