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Study US Foreign Policy By Looking At Oil Reserves: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

• by Caitlin J

One of the main reasons it was necessary to rehabilitate the popularity of George W Bush was because otherwise it would be harder to get future presidents to do the kinds of things he did.

Dave Weigel retweeting a sexist joke has ignited more mainstream controversy about the Washington Post than the fact that the Washington Post lies about every US war and is solely owned by a plutocratic intelligence contractor whose interests diametrically oppose the public's.

You can learn more about US foreign policy from a casual glance at a list of the world's largest proven oil reserves than you can from a lifetime of consuming mainstream news media.So to be clear, emails were leaked showing a major British media figure conspiring with an intelligence operative to subvert everyone to the left of Tony Blair, those emails were independently verified by that media figure, and in response to this you're meant to get mad at Russia.

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