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Desperate People Do Desperate Things During Desperate Times-Hyperinflation...

• By Stan Szymanski

This morning the CPI (Consumer Price Index) report came out and was higher than expected (Inflation stayed red-hot in May as CPI spiked 8.6% — highest since 1981).

It is kind of like telling someone who is buried on the beach up to their neck in sand that the tide is coming in but not as fast as you think it is.

Most of the food prices I see are up at least 15-33% from what I was used to paying. I know that the standard government numbers say that food inflation is 10% up for the year (CNBC 6/10/22), but I think that we would all agree that that report is just a story, a fabrication. I used to pay $8.00 for a can of Folgers coffee at Wally World; now it is almost $15 and the can is smaller. Gasoline and diesel are both double what they were when Joey Poopy Pants sat down behind the big boy desk at Pennsylvania Avenue and the cost of fuel plays into the cost of every morsel of food as it is transported to stores all across the USA. Shortages across many sectors of the food industry are now commonplace.

We are being gaslighted by the financial medial, the mainstream media and by the 'official' government reports on inflation. You inherently know that prices are going up sharply, but when they tell you that it's 'only' up 8.6% that information is a psychological ploy to keep you complacent so you won't 'panic' and spend your savings on more food and other tangibles to survive what is coming. If you can find the food. Or gas. Or diesel.