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'Assault Weapons' Ban: First Step on the Road to Tyranny

•, by Jim Bovard

In a televised address last Thursday, Biden called for a ban on assault weapons, which he portrayed as the epitome of evil. Vice President Kamala Harris caterwauled that assault weapons are a "weapon of war" with "no place in civil society."

Assault weapons are a "flag of convenience" for the Democrats' circus shell game with Americans' constitutional rights. Biden talks as if assault weapons are solely a moral issue. But once that premise is accepted, then he can move to ban vast numbers of firearms widely owned by Americans.

In an August 2019 interview, CNN host Anderson Cooper asked Biden about gun owners who fear that "a Biden administration means they're gonna come for my guns." Biden replied, "Bingo, you're right, if you have an assault weapon." In his Thursday speech, Biden declared that he respected "the concerns of lawful gun owners." But after Biden changes the law, millions of those same individuals could be federal felons who Biden feels entitled to disarm.

We are supposed to blindly trust the White House that an assault weapon is whatever they say it is—this week. Vice President Kamala Harris declared last week:  "You know what an assault weapon is?… It was designed for a specific purpose—to kill a lot of human beings quickly." But millions of Americans use the gun for hunting, target shooting, and other endeavors.