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What It's REALLY Like to Live Off-Grid

•, Jeremiah Johnson

Perhaps you can understand this, as the world seems to have turned into a gigantic "reality TV show" where everything is made public, even though that shouldn't be the case.

I produce my own power utilizing a combination of solar panels, small windmills, and a hydroelectric "ram." Utilizing a battery array, I manage to keep more than enough electricity stored to meet my needs. I also have a generator for backup. My woodstove heats my small cabin efficiently, and I cook my meals on it.

During the summer months in Montana, the stove gets a rest because I alternate between my grill and a solar oven that I built to cook my food. During the fire season (the driest months of the summer), the county places restrictions on outdoor fires, and this is when the solar oven sees the most use. My tiny refrigerator runs from a small propane tank that I refill about every six months.

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