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UPDATED 3:40PM EDT - TUESDAY-- Ukraine "Azov Brigade" (Nazis) Agree to SURRENDER

• Hal Turner Radio Show

Ukraine Territory Defense Forces (Azov) Steel Works Regiments in Mariupol, Ukraine, have reached an agreement to surrender 300 seriously wounded Ukraine Solders, so they can get hospital treatment. 2,000 others will surrender tomorrow & lay down their arms.


Literally within MINUTES of the agreement, Azov wounded and sick began being brought out from the catacombs beneath the steel mill

The Russian Army had Ambulances and Red Cross-Type Emergency vehicles at the ready to take the most severely wounded, sick, and injured to nearby field hospitals

The forces at the Azovstal steel mill in Mariupol, have been surrounded for about a month.  Recently, secret tunnel entrances from the catacombs beneath the steel mill, were located and sealed by Russian forces surrounding the mill.    This completely cut off those troops from food and water.