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Motorcycles Are Next

•, By eric

A "virus" that posed a significant threat to about 1 percent of the population was used as the pretext for imprisoning, Diapering and Jabbing the other 99 percent. This is an incredible thing, when you think about it – especially given we are endlessly told about the "democracy" we must curtsey to at first mention. According to which the principle is that things are done in the interests of the majority. 

The fact is often otherwise. 

Two states – California and Oregon – have already banned the sale of new cars that are not electric cars within a few years from now (2035 and 2030, respectively). It has been done on the same principle as "democracy" – as actually practiced. A small minority – politicians and their helpers in the regulatory bureaucracy – decree that everyone else shall drive electric cars only.

How about motorcycles? 

Here is a genuine minority. 

About eight percent of the population owns a bike; most of them do not ride a bike every day as their primary vehicle. Most people who ride do so for the fun of it. They keep a bike in addition to a car – and it is the car they drive, mostly.  

But for the sake of talk let's say it's 8 percent. It is a lot less than 92 percent – the portion of the population that does not own or ride a motorcycle. It is also a lot less – in terms of the "emissions" contributions of these bikes, most of which aren't ridden regularly. Most of which also have engines considerably smaller than the engines in most cars – although that is changing, as the minority cabal of politicians and bureaucrats continues to cattle-prod cars (and car buyers)  toward "electrification."