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The Facts of Gold Confiscation: The Saga Continues...

•, by GoldCore

On March 31 we looked at the gold confiscation experience in America during the 1930s. 

To recap we mentioned that then gold was official money according to the government. Also, the government needed gold inside the banking system to relaunch banks following the years of the Great Depression.

Since gold is not government sanctioned money today governments do not have the same need to call in physical metals.

Importantly last week we also mentioned that no gold was stolen. Banks and governments paid for every ounce of gold.

This week we expand on further threads of the confiscation story.

Firstly -Why were some gold coins not called in while most were?

And second, if a government did want to call in gold during the decade of the 2020s, could it even be accomplished? If so, how?

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