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Taiwan Will Defend Differently Than Ukraine In Event Of Chinese Invasion: Expert

•, by Frank Fang

These strategists are making comparisons to Taiwan, an island that would also be fighting a much more powerful foe, should the Chinese regime take a cue from Russia and invade its democratic neighbor.

However, a China expert in Taiwan pointed out that Ukraine and Taiwan are fundamentally different, given that the former shares a land border with Russia, while the latter is an island that is separated from mainland China by a narrow body of water called Taiwan Strait.

Ding Shuh-fan, emeritus professor of the Graduate Institute of East Asia Studies at Taiwan's National Chengchi University, told The Epoch Times that if the Taiwanese were using Javelin or Stinger to defend themselves, that would mean the Chinese military was about to land in Taiwan or has already landed, which would not be ideal in terms of defending the island's sovereignty.

"What's best for Taiwan is that their landing forces do not land in Taiwan at all," Ding said.

"For example, if Chinese military forces begin to assemble, let's say, in Fujian, we could potentially fire short-range missiles at their ports, particularly military ports, or strike their landing vessels." Fujian is a southern Chinese Province that sits direct opposite Taiwan.

Of course, once the Chinese military starts to advance to the island's shore, Taiwan would need to rely on Javelin and Stinger, just like the Ukrainians have done, as well as firing short-range missiles at their fighter jets, according to Ding.

The Chinese Communist Party sees Taiwan as a part of its territory even though the island is a de facto independent entity with its own liberal democratic government. In October, Chinese leader Xi Jinping vowed that the "reunification" of Taiwan with China would "definitely be realized."