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CYBER THREAT China claims it's captured US NSA spy tool dubbed Trojan horse...

•, Israel Salas-Rodriguez

CHINA claims to have captured a US National Security Agency spy tool dubbed Trojan horse that can allegedly control global internet equipment and steal information.

The alleged NSA spy tool is capable of lurking in a victim's computer and accessing sensitive information, according to the Chinese outlet Global Times.

A report obtained by the outlet from National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center claims the dubbed Trojan horse, or NOPEN, is a remote control tool for Unix/Linux computer systems.

The instrument can allegedly remotely control existing network servers and terminals, which attackers can manually implant, or cyberattack platforms by the NSA, the outlet reported citing the NCVERC report.

According to the Chinese outlet, the tool is "mainly used to steal files, access systems, redirect network communication, and view a target device's information."

The spy system has reportedly controlled global internet equipment and stole large amounts of users' information.

Cybersecurity experts told the outlet that once the Trojan is planted into a victim's computer, it would "become a 'lurker' waiting for the 'code' and opening the 'vault door' for hackers."

The tool can also allegedly turn a victim's computer into a bridge tower, allowing hackers to go deeper into the group where the victim works and grasp the company's information.