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"Biden's Jihad Against Fossil Fuels is Financing Vladimir Putin's Military Adventures&q

•, By Joe Hoft

Former Trump economist and FOX Business host Larry Kudlow shared it as it is.  He says that Biden's jihad on the energy sector is financing Putin's recent actions. 

Larry Kudlow gave a summary of Biden's actions related to Russia and the energy crisis in the US on FOX Business.  He shared in part:

Mr. Biden, you need to be honest about the damage you're doing to the American energy industry. In fact, you've done everything you can to drive up prices and you know it because you're dancing to the radical green tune. Your jihad against fossil fuels has held down production in the face of rising demand and that has been a key factor in driving up world oil prices towards $100 a barrel.

In effect, Biden's jihad against fossil fuels is financing Vladimir Putin's military adventures because if we were producing at 13 million BPD as we did pre-pandemic, except for 11 million BPD, oil prices would be substantially lower and Putin would be significantly poorer.

Mr. Biden's energy policies have been utterly self-destructive to America and have directly empowered Vladimir Putin and all of Putin's crazy ahistorical, romanticized, inaccurate vision of history. Russian is a nothing-heimer economy—roughly $1.5 trillion worth of GDP. The U.S. is $23 trillion.