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Why Artur Pawlowski Matters

• By Allan Stevo

The cops complain that he is on his knees again instead of obediently coming along, and irreverently call him "Arthur," as if they were childhood friends, only the tone is a disparaging one. The man stays silent through it all.

Surrounded by a dozen armed officers of the state, he knows his flesh does not stand a chance. He does what his flesh in that moment can do. He refuses to comply. He takes to his knees and refuses to come along. They must at least carry him, for he will not comply with their evil. How many of us are so principled when evil tells us to comply that we not only do not comply, but we refuse to even acknowledge their very words?

But I believe Artur Pawlowski is doing something else.

I believe he is one who bows before no man. I believe at the moment of his arrest, when he takes to his knees, he is bowing down before the true authority and quietly praising the Lord. He is deep in prayer, giving thanks for what a good God he serves; he is reciting psalms; he is thanking God for every day of freedom he has had with his wonderful family; he is focusing on the goodness of God in his life, bolstering his faith and reminding himself that no weapon formed against him will prosper. That is what I believe is taking place in such moments. They can do whatever they wish to that man's body. That man is somewhere else. He is in the bosom of the Almighty as they lug him around like a 250 pound sack of potatoes.

Perhaps you can imagine why it gets me when I see that man drop to his knees when the police come for him.