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You're NOT Invincible: Long-Term Survival Only Works As a Community

•, Bryan Lynch

I didn't think I needed anyone and that if the world ever turned upside down I would do just fine living by the lone wolf mentality.  As the case usually is, with age comes wisdom. I came to realize that trying to survive alone may work for a short time, but when it comes to long-term survival, your only true chance of survival is if you have a community.

You need something from someone.

Let me start by saying that I realize some individuals in the world truly live a hermit lifestyle, and surviving utterly alone without outside help is certainly possible.  

However, we sometimes think that we are better off or more capable than we are. Even for people that are living very sustainable lifestyles, it can be easy to think they are doing everything themselves.  

They may have their own water source, produce their own power, grow and raise all of their food, and even make their own clothes.