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Investing Legend Jim Rogers: What and Where to Invest Today

•, By Kim Iskyan

After generating returns of 4,200% over 10 years, Jim quit full-time investing in 1980 to do whatever he wanted.

Since then, he has become a best-selling author and holds several Guinness World Records – including "Most countries visited in a continuous journey by car." He has traveled around the world by car and motorcycle – trips that were the basis for two of his books, Investment Biker and Adventure Capitalist.

Jim has fantastic insight on investing – and on how to find and follow your passion.

Jim lives in Singapore, and when I lived there too, I met with him a number of times. We caught up over a video call last week... We talked about how he views markets today... where he sees the best opportunities in the investment world... how to be alert, spry, and smart at 79... the risks that we're not thinking about... mistakes he has learned from... countries to visit... and what's coming next.

What's Next for Markets (Spoiler: Nothing Good... )
Kim: It looks like we might be at an inflection point for markets just now, with inflation at the top of the agenda and the Federal Reserve talking about raising rates. And then debt, one of your favorite topics, is at all-time highs, still – and again. How do you see all of this unfolding over the next year or so?

Jim: As you and I have discussed before, 2008 was a bad bear market because of too much debt. And since 2008/2009, the debt has skyrocketed. I mean, it's staggering. And it's not just in the U.S. I mean, it's unbelievable what the Japanese are doing – the money-printing in Japan, the U.S., everywhere. Whatever they're setting us up for, it's going to be staggering. And I said to you before, it's going to be the worst bear market in our lifetime because the debt is so, so much higher than it was in any other bear market.