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Olympic teams stuck in quarantine hotels in Beijing slam...


Athletes forced to quarantine in hotels at the Beijing Winter Olympics have raised concerns the facilities are making a difficult situation worse. 

They complained about not being given enough food, the quality of it when it does arrive and the lack of training equipment available to them.  

Germany called for larger rooms and better, more regular food so athletes are able to return in good condition to compete.

Writing on social media, Russian biathlon competitor Valeria Vasnetsova complained the food at one of the hotels was causing her to lose weight rapidly.

She said: 'My stomach hurts, I'm very pale and I have huge black circles around my eyes. I want all this to end. I cry every day. I'm very tired.' 

Vasnetsova posted a picture Thursday of what she said was 'breakfast, lunch and dinner for five days already' — a tray with food including plain pasta, an orange sauce, charred meat on a bone, a few potatoes and no greens.

She said she mostly survived on a few pieces of pasta because it was 'impossible' to eat the rest, 'but today I ate all the fat they serve instead of meat because I was very hungry.' 

She added she lost a lot of weight and 'my bones are already sticking out.'

The quarantine hotels are increasingly the target of criticism from athletes and their teams, who are lobbying organizers for improvements. 

There's a lack of transparency, too, with only some virus-positive athletes forced into quarantine hotels where their teams don't have access, while teammates in similar situations are allowed to isolate within the Olympic village.