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Furious National police union demands Jen Psaki APOLOGIZE for 'laughing off' Americans'.


The nation's largest police union called out White House press secretary Jen Psaki for 'belittling Americans' concerns' after she said media outlets who run segments on 'soft-on-crime policies' are living in an 'alternate universe.  

'I think it's wrong - very wrong - for Ms. Psaki to suggest that violent crime in our country is of no concern or to just laugh it off,' National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) President Patrick Yoes said in a statement.  

Psaki was speaking about a Fox News segment during an appearance on the Pod Save America podcast last week when she questioned what 'soft-on-crime consequence' even means and insisted Americans care 'more about what's happening in their lives than what's necessarily happening in every cable news chyron'.

She laughed off concerns despite a 510 percent nationwide spike in carjackings over the last year, 28 police officers being shot in January and widespread criticism of Democratic DAs including New York's Alvin Bragg who are going softer on criminals.  

She said that while CNN and MSNBC were focused on Ukraine-Russia tensions, 'On Fox is Jeanine Pirro talking about soft-on-crime consequences, I mean, what does that even mean?' 

'There's an alternate universe on some coverage,' Psaki said. 'What's scary about it is a lot of people watch that. They think that the president isn't doing anything to address people's safety in New York and that couldn't be further from the truth.'